Our Suppliers

We travel to Nepal to visit manufacturers and source our own Bazzar Pixie label garments.  We meet the manufacturers, visit their workshops and drink lots of tea with them.  We pay 50% of the cost up front to assist with the purchase of materials.  We also pay the asking price and don't haggle over the cost of these beautiful hand made items of clothing.  In the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake,  some suppliers who had their factories destroyed, have requested we pay all the cost up front which we have been happy to do.

Some of our other suppliers

    • Namaste
    At the core of Namaste are our suppliers with whom we work very closely. Our criteria for passing them as fair trade producers and hence suitable business partners are based on international fair trade guidelines. Our philosophy is simple; fantastic, ethically sourced and yet commercial products to maximise sales and therefore maximise benefits to both our suppliers and customers.

      • Bares
      For more than nearly 20 years in the clothing business, now Baeres GmbH is not only known for its quality and variety but also for fair wages and valuable partners for its employees and customers. Child labor is neither tolerated by us nor by our Business partners .The smallest signs lead to direct termination of Business and reported to local authorities immediately.

    • Dark Star 
    The Darkstar clothing range is based on over thirty years of experience of producing quality Alternative clothing. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS are used in the production of Jordash clothing products. Jordash clothing range is produced fairly with respectable and fair working conditions of trade for employees. Jordash factories pay the wages that reflects the market prices to insure that its employees sustain reasonable living conditions.

  • Funky Threads