Our Suppliers






It's important to us that our clothes are beautiful and high quality, so we frequently travel to Nepal to visit manufacturers and source our own Bazzar Pixie label garments. When we meet the manufacturers we visit their workshops to make sure they uphold the fair and safe working conditions we require, and then we sit and drink lots of tea with them. When buying our stock we always pay 50% of the cost up front to assist with the purchase of materials and ensure that the small businesses we work with don't struggle financially. We also think it's very important that we always pay the asking price, and never haggle over the cost of these beautiful hand made items of clothing. In the aftermath of the April 2015 earthquake, some of our suppliers and manufacturers who had their factories destroyed, requested we pay all the cost up front which we have been happy to do, and continue to do as they continue to get back on their feet, after all, we wouldn't exist without them. Their skill, hard work, and excellent eye for detail ensures Bazzar Pixie clothes are the best they can be.